DC Byte

DC Byte

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DC Byte is the world’s premier data centre listing service. In only four months since its commercial release, DC Byte has grown rapidly and attracted praise from data centre operators, developers and end-users alike for its intuitive layout, clean aesthetic and powerful market analytics tools.

DC Byte has been developed as a low cost subscription-based service to fulfil three needs for the data centre sector; firstly, to attract potential data centre customers from a range of developing sectors including blockchain technologies and digital archiving, as well as traditional colocation customers, who up until now have had no way of easily comparing facilities; secondly, to act as the sole linkage between property developers with oven-ready data centre sites, and the data centre operators who want rapid access to powered shell and powered land in the right location; and thirdly, to assist data centre asset managers with helping to understand new and existing market dynamics by aggregating data on every listing to provide the most accurate statistics in the world, in real time.

To learn more about DC Byte and become part of the community, please visit www.dcbyte.com or speak with one of the team. We look forward to putting you on the map!