Thought Leadership and Insight from N+ONE

 Amine Kandil

For this edition of the Datacloud Africa Leadership Summit Interview Series, we spoke to M.Amine Kandil, Founder and CEO OF N+ONE DATACENTERS (Morocco).

1. What are the biggest challenges facing the industry in Africa?

The Data Center business is a capital intensive industry and large capital requires political stability and market transparency. We find that oftentimes very promising markets fail to provide the right framework to attract significant capital and end up lagging behind.

Another factor is that qualified personnel is often unavailable locally as well as Data center equipment suppliers and spare parts, so the absence of a local ecosystem drives the cost of operating higher.

The high cost and quality of connectivity is another major hurdle, we have a lot to discuss about this specific topic and we’ll save it for our discussion at the summit.

These are probably the biggest hurdles currently for the Data Center industry in Africa to overcome.

2. What are the critical steps needed to achieve in the African Data Centre infrastructure development plan?

Its hard to talk about Africa as a whole, every region and/or country come with their own specificities, however when the right conditions are combined, data center capacity will be deployed and competition will push the market standards higher and the market will organise itself over time.

3. What are the current trends for data centres in Africa?

I can't speak for all of Africa but the biggest trend that we are seeing in our region the last few years has been for large corporations hosting their active back-up site (or production site vice versa) in an external Data Center, and we are seeing this now in industries that have traditionally always held on to their infrastructure in close quarters like the banking and finance industry.

Second biggest trend is for small and mid-sized businesses signing-up for (often managed) public cloud virtual resources such as servers, storage and backup, and coming up ahead is the container based (microservices) cloud around which awareness is rising steadily as well.

4. What will be the main drivers of data growth in the coming decade?

Africa is no different than other markets in terms data growth drivers, mobile services, bigdata (for analytics and BI) and digital media will probably be among the biggest contributors to data growth in the coming decade.

N+ONE DATACENTERS will be at Datacloud Africa Leadership Summit 2018 in Marrakech on 28 September. Meet them there