The Digital Africa Series

The Digital Africa Series provides a selection of intimate forums of no more than 10 industry leaders from across the ecosystem to engage on a specific topic relating to the digital transformation of Africa and its impact on the data centre sector. Participants will hear from a range of relevant experts and industry pioneers

  • 1420h
  • The Digital Africa series: Being IoT ready: from the digitalisation of industry through to the data centre

    Propelled by the convenience, cost and flexibility of IoT technology, Africa’s economy is undergoing a data-driven revolution. From industries as diverse as Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Transportation and Agriculture, investing and innovating around new IoT technologies are enabling data accuracy, insightful analytics and efficiency of operations as never seen before on the continent. But what are the implications of this explosion in data for the data centre industry? How has the increasing use of data in operations manifested within specific verticals, such as agriculture where infrastructure may need rural deployment? What are the implications of IoT technology when it comes to the demand, management and storage of data?

    In the first of its kind, RackCentre (Africa’s leading IoT ready data centre provider) would be honoured to invite a select few industry leaders to discuss the profound opportunity and potential challenges IoT offers in an intimate setting during the afternoon of the conference. The forum will feature a lively and informative Q&A with an assortment of consumer and industrial sector leaders from across the continent.

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