Lee Smith
Founder and Data Center Consultant

South African born, Lee Smith has been in the IT environment since 1989. He has a wide range of experience, ranging from IT Operations and Engineering through to Infrastructure Management. He’s established himself as a mission-critical data centre consultant on the African continent for more than a decade.

As a member of the Infrastructure Masons Education Committee, he is passionate the development of skills and education within the industry. He focusses on providing a better understanding about the practical challenges, opportunities, implications and other related aspects of data centers. He is a mentor to many and enjoys sharing his knowledge and insight.

Lee has personally delivered data centre training courses to more than 1,000 professionals across the African continent. Lee’s mission-critical expertise is mainly on Data Center Design, Operations and Strategy Consulting. His direct involvement in design and operations consulting and training, especially within Africa, gives him a unique and well-established perspective on the challenges and opportunities related to data center industry workforce development.

He holds a number of professional accreditations. He recently founded “DataCenterDNA”, a consulting firm based in Northern Virginia which focusses on aspects that impact the operational sustainability of mission-critical data center sites as well as education development and growth, especially with organizations wish to develop and grow the industry on the African continent.

Lee is an expert panelist and has presented at many data center and IT conferences across the world.